Terms and Conditions


The Hoylesonline website was commissioned, and is owned by Hoyle’s Games Limited of Oxford, England.


The Hoylesonline website wants to ensure that the site is a safe and enjoyable place for all. We are committed to protecting your personal information and will keep the information you entrust to us safe and secure.


The Hoylesonline website will never sell or share your personal information with third parties unless it is required to fulfil another function, which you have consented to. Moreover all electronic data acquired by us in the course of online financial transactions is deleted within 24 hours of transactions being completed. We do not employ direct capture of funds from customers bank accounts, so that in the unlikely event of a product being out of stock at Hoyle’s but still advertised on our web site, we can advise you of this immediately without prejudice to your consumer rights.

Our Trustwave Certificate is renewed annually to give you peace of mind as to our integrity.


Links to other sites are few and far between but are only to complementary web sites we feel may be of use or offer helpful advice to our customers. We always check that these sites are Trustwave certificated or its equivalent.