Hoyle's Rules of Games has been continuously published since 1760 and, yes you can buy the current edition in the shop. Games retailers since 1994 in Banbury and then 1997 in Oxford.

1975 - Sally and Tony Robertson introduce the concept of ornamental, (i.e. non - Staunton) chess sets to England. The Staunton design being introduced as a way of easing competitive chess play with standard easily recognised designs for each chess piece, based on the Elgin Marbles in the British Museum. Before that Chess set design was widely variable, mainly based on competing armies. These days we sell around 200 different non-Staunton designs.

1991 - Banbury Studios now produces over fifty different non-Staunton designs.

1994 - Small shop opens in Banbury selling traditional and classic games. 1996 Hoyle’s Oxford shop opens at Number 72 High Street.

2005 - Hoyle’s cease production of Banbury Studios range of chess sets. The most popular sets continue in production at Mascott Studios in Somerset, England.

2012 - Our Oxford shop moves to much bigger premises at Number 71 High Street. New space for Vintage and Antique sales of games and puzzles, Scientific sets and starter games and puzzles for pre-school children.

2014 - 20th anniversary of Hoyle’s shop. What started in Banbury now occupies much larger premises in Oxford, and, with increasing sales in-house and on-line looks set for another exciting twenty years.